Love is in the Air…?

So a few days ago I decided to do online dating… And I’m thinking of my goodness what am I doing? Well anyways I was looking though my “matches” and one of my top matches I know! Say what!? I know crazy, I actually worked with him before at Giant Eagle and every other Thursday we go to the same Bible Study, he goes to a different church but we do activities and such together as a college single group…

Is it just ironic or what? I’m wondering if God is telling me something and wondering if I should say something to him… I have no idea. I’m kinda nervous to say anything to him. But I don’t know, even some of the older ladies that go to his church and I have met mention him to me, said to him, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a wife that cooks great food like Melinda.” Or tell me that he will be at the Bible study… I think I could just laugh, funny thing to is that he just join the online dating thing not long before me…..

I wonder….